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The Birthing Spa
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When you are expecting the most from childbirth, you'll love our Birthing Center ... serving Lexington, Richmond, Somerset, Danville, Stanford, and the surrounding areas.

The Birthing Spa
Birthing Center -- Ephraim McDowell:
Fort Logan Hospital; Stanford, KY

Childbirth is challenging, exhilarating, and life changing. 

At Ephraim McDowell: Fort-Logan Hospital, our customized childbirth Birthing Spa provides you with a full range of Comfort Measures to nurture and support you during your entire childbirth experience.

Most hospital birthing centers are limited to the use of a Labor and Delivery Room approach.  This lets you have your labor and delivery in a nice birthing room but they quickly move you out to a standard hospital room for your postpartum stay. 

Our customized Birthing Spa – features each of our birthing suites as a Labor and Delivery: Postpartum Room ... where you enjoy the finest childbirth comforts during your entire stay.

Quite simply, this means you can enjoy all the comfortable features of your own birthing suite during your postpartum stay as well as during your labor and birth.

Take a tour of our Birthing Spa
, and you’ll see why expectant couples love it. 

Women come to our birthing center from Danville, Somerset, Richmond, Lexington and beyond to experience childbirth in our luxurious suites to make memories that will last a lifetime!

We have the comfort of a spa; the safety of a hospital; and the feel of a home birth setting... with a special Facebook page (coming soon) where you can show off your brand new baby to the world!

Take the quiz to see how surrounding area hospital’s birthing centers compare with our Luxury Birthing Spa.

Visit Our Practice for more information and to get in touch with us to start prenatal care.  We can see you within 1 week.

Thank-you for stopping by to visit & remember to tell a friend about our childbirth center!

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The Birthing Spa: When it matters!

Ephraim McDowell;
Fort Logan Hospital

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The Birthing Spa
Ephraim McDowell -- Fort Logan Hospital, Stanford, KY
Bates, Miller, & Sims PLLC
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100 Jay Street: Stanford, KY 40484

(Located at the corner of HWY 27 & 150, Stanford, KY)

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Danville, Stanford... and the surrounding areas!

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