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Expecting More We Delivery

The Birthing Spa

Ephraim McDowell -- Fort Logan Hospital is the FIRST & ONLY birthing center in the area to offer EXPECTING MOMS the following services in our Birthing Spa in each of our birthing suites.

What Women Want

Comfort Measures

For every pregnant woman who is EXPECTING MORE for her birth, don't settle for less! WE DELIVER at Fort Logan Hospital's deluxe Birthing Spa.

The Birthing Spa was developed to help pamper a woman when she needs it the most.  Childbirth can be the most physically challenging time in a woman’s life, but it is also a wonderful life changing experience.  Our spa has been carefully designed to support, encourage, and empower each woman during her childbirth journey.  A woman can best handle the discomforts of childbirth when she faces it with confidence, when she has the support of loved ones by her side, when she is able to move about as her body desires, and when she is free from unneeded interventions.  The Birthing Spa offers the following comfort measures for labor, birth, and the postpartum stay.

Simple put; mom, dad, and baby stay together in the same private luxurious suite from admission to discharge home.  Mom doesn’t have to move to a common hospital room after birth.  Dad has a fold out bed for sleeping.  Baby always stays with mom.  Fort Logan Hospital’s Birthing Spa was the first hospital in Kentucky to offer birth using the LDRP model and has done so since 1985.

Each suite has its own massage chair to ease sore muscles from neck to back, down to the legs and feet.  It’s great for back labor or postpartum aches.  Dads love it too!  After all... the stress of watching his dear one go through such an experience can really wear a fellow out!

Few things soothe and relax better than a refreshing whirlpool bath.  Excellent for reducing the tension of labor or discomfort after birth.  90% of women who use a tub during labor report that it reduced their pain and state they would like to use it again for future labors. 

Each birthing suite has its own refreshing showers... with 2 showerheads and 4 body sprays.  70% of moms report that showers during labor reduced their pain and that they would use it again.  And, well... 100% of the men were still in the shower and were unavailable for comment.

The atmosphere for The Birthing Spa is completed by an escape into nature.  Each birthing suite overlooks a beautiful garden with a flowing rock fountain surrounded by a 12-foot brick wall for peace and quiet ... with security.  A stroll around the path or simply listening to and watching the water trickle and flow down the rocks will soothe the soul.

A wide screen TV in each birthing suite adds a nice diversion with the comfort of home whenever you like.  You can watch a romantic movie with your husband as your newborn baby sleeps by your side.

These chairs offer a nice place to sit during labor or while nursing your newborn.  They also provide a comfortable place for your visitors to relax while they take a turn holding your precious newborn baby.

Our professional nurses are specially trained to be supportive to each woman during labor.  They help promote confidence and comfort.  The same nurses who help you through labor will be there to help you after birth with the care of your newborn.

Each woman and each labor is different.  We personalize our care for your comfort.  In addition to non-medical comfort measures, we also offer pain medicine, pudendal anesthesia, spinals and epidurals.  Each of our doctors are typically on call every day so each woman can count on her own doctor being present at her birth.

The Birthing Spa

The Birthing Spa
Ephraim McDowell -- Fort Logan Hospital, Stanford, KY
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